Published on July 15, 2020 by SatoshiVPN in Torrents.

Secure torrent streams with WebTorrent and SatoshiVPN

Learn how to secure your torrent connections using a secure proxy or VPN like SatoshiVPN.

Stream torrents with WebTorrent

It's no secret that torrents are a popular method for sharing media and entertainment over the internet. But the process is fraught with obstacles, from downloading clunky clients to being deceived by nefarious magnet links, and more. Nothing is worse than having to wait until a torrent is completely downloaded before being able to access the file. That's where WebTorrent comes in.

WebTorrent is a torrent client written in JavaScript that uses the WebRTC protocol to stream torrents as you download them. This makes it one of the fastest tools for accessing torrents.

Literally within seconds of beginning your download will you be able to play your torrent when using WebTorrent. Start by opening your torrent's magnet link using WebTorrent, or paste the magnet link when the WebTorrent window is open, and then WebTorrent will begin playing your download as soon as at least 1% of the file is downloaded. Pretty exciting, huh?

There's just one more thing you'll want to do before you jump in: secure your stream.

You'll want to make sure you're doing all that you can to protect your privacy by securing your internet connection. In the tutorial below, we'll cover how to securely stream torrents with WebTorrent and SatoshiVPN. Read on to learn more!

1. Find the torrent you want to stream

There's millions of torrents on the network at any given time. To find the torrent that meets your needs, you'll need to visit a torrent search engine. We recommend popular sites like The Pirate Bay or RARBG.

In this tutorial, we'll use Citizenfour as our example, an Oscar-winning documentary film about the former CIA agent and whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

2. Install WebTorrent

Your next step towards streaming a torrent securely is to use a trustworthy, fast, and up-to-date streaming client. Names like Napster or Limewire may be familiar to you as pioneers of peer-to-peer file sharing two decades ago, but clients have come a long way since then. Today, we recommend using a modern torrent client such as WebTorrent.

The advantage of WebTorrent is that it makes use of the WebRTC protocol, meaning that the client is able to download torrents in bite-sized chunks and then it lets you play those early bits before the entire download is complete. This saves you valuable time and let's you check to be sure the torrent you select actually contains what you're looking for within only seconds of starting your download.

3. Connect to your SatoshiVPN server

Before you start streaming, you'll want to make sure your internet connection is tunneled through a VPN or proxy like SatoshiVPN. That way you'll be able to keep your torrent connections private and no one will be able to snoop on what you're downloading.

If you're planning to make a quick download, a free 1 hour demo server from SatoshiVPN will suit your needs. Otherwise we recommend you upgrade to a longer lasting server.

Ready? Visit to get going with your own SatoshiVPN server.

4. Open your torrent's magnet link

As a reminder, in this example we're streaming a torrent of the film Citizenfour. We are able to find our torrent's magnet link via The Pirate Bay. Just look for the text link "GET THIS TORRENT" with the little magnet icon next to it.

You know you have a magnet link when the link starts with "magnet:" Then, paste your magnet link into WebTorrent.

Then, with WebTorrent open, your torrent will automatically begin to stream.

That's it! Easy, huh?

Here's a handy checklist in case you're stuck:

  1. Find the torrent you want to stream. We recommend using The Pirate Bay.
  2. Install WebTorrent. Find the client for your device on the WebTorrent website.
  3. Connect to a SatoshiVPN server. Create a new server by visiting
  4. Open your torrent's magnet link and begin streaming!

Happy streaming!