Published on May 24, 2020 by SatoshiVPN in Outline.

Outline Troubleshooting Tips

Quick tips and tips for debugging common errors and issues with Outline VPN.

Outline Troubleshooting Tips

If you're having trouble with your Outline VPN client, you have come to the right spot. Here we explain many of the most common issues faced when using Outline.

But before you get going, take a deep breath and remain calm. Your first clue to getting unstuck is to identify the error message you're seeing. Then match your error below and follow our guidance to get you on your way. You've got this!

Common error messages

We can’t seem to connect to your server. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.

This error commonly occurs when you are trying to connect to an Outline server that is offline. If you're getting this error while using a SatoshiVPN server, that most likely means the server has been deleted. Create a new server and attempt to connect again with a new key.

Sorry, it looks like Outline is not properly installed. Please try installing it again. If that doesn’t work, please submit feedback through the app.

You may see this error when your device unexpectedly shuts down or becomes unresponsive prior to the Outline client fully installing on your device. Try removing and installing the Outline client again on your device.

It seems like this server doesn’t support UDP forwarding. If this happens again, please contact your server admin.

For non-SatoshiVPN severs, this error is common when the firewall is not configured correctly. If you're seeing this error, inspect your firewall settings and modify them to enable Outline as per the latest guidance in the Outline server repository:

Or, skip the Outline server firewall configuration by letting SatoshiVPN handle the work.

It seems like another VPN is active. Please disconnect it and try again.

If you're on a device that typically connects to another VPN service, such as a corporate VPN or another VPN for your personal use, please make sure you disconnect your other VPN services before trying to connect with your Outline client.

We were not able to configure your routing tables successfully. If this happens again, please reach out to us.

The routing tables on your device networks the packets of data on your device to and from your internet connection. When you have a routing table error, Outline is not able to successfully re-route your data through an Outline server. Check to make sure there are no other VPN settings overriding Outline and that you have the proper permissions on your device to change the routing table settings.

It seems like your access key is not valid. If this happens again, please contact your server admin.

You are attempting to connect to a valid Outline server, however, the key does not match what the server is expecting. Double check to make sure you have entered or copy and pasted your key correctly.

It seems like your antivirus software is preventing us from successfully connecting.

Certain antivirus softwares will flag Outline and prevent Outline from successfully installing. If you're facing this error, be sure you're downloading Outline from an official source on or, then disable your antivirus software, and try installing again.

Outline needs admin permissions in order to run. If you don't have admin permissions, please try again after restarting your Windows computer or ask your system administrator for help

Please make sure you have admin access to your device before installing your Outline client.

Outline needs your permission to set up a VPN connection to the server. Please try again, or submit feedback if you need help.

When prompted to give Outline permissions to install on your device, make sure to do so. If Outline does not have admin permissions from you, the installer will fail.