Published on August 10, 2020 by SatoshiVPN in How To.

Are you unique?

Your computer's fingerprint reveals more thank you think.

How to watch adult videos privately

Hello everyone, my name is Henry Desrosiers and I'm from Montgomery, Alabama. I would like to share my internet privacy story with you.

A few months ago, I decided I needed to protect my online browsing activity and I was careful to write down exactly how I did it. I'm not a computer wizard or anything like that, just a dedicated Dad who wants to keep my browsing history away from prying eyes, and have the freedom to view anything what I want on the internet. I am aware that there are tons of ads promoting VPNs, I have personally tested several with no real success. I sincerely hope that my story will inspire you and will encourage you follow the steps I have taken.

In the past, I have always had difficulty cleaning up the trace of my alone time watching adult videos. And I've felt the embarrassment that happens when someone finds out you've been watching adult videos. I was in low spirits after the most recent incident. A few weeks ago, I decided to take action and take charge. After hours of reading and research I developed a two-step system using an open source VPN client and a private VPN server.

So here are pictures of my computer's fingerprint before I started using a VPN and today! Complete secrecy :)

The photo above shows me when I was browsing XNXX with no VPN (left) and after my life was changed by the VPN client and private VPN server.

I used 2 free tools that are getting a lot of talk on Reddit these days: open source VPN clients and private VPN servers. I tried both products and in just under five minutes I was able to completely safeguard my browsing activity! You can check out both products for yourself with these links:

Step # 1: Outline VPN Client - 100% Free to use

  • Download the Outline client for your device.

Step # 2: Private SatoshiVPN server - Free to start

  • Connect the SatoshiVPN server to your Outline client once the server is ready.

Where did my recent data snooping "incidents" come from?

When the lockdown happened a few months ago, much of my "alone time" disappeared. My wife and I used to watch porn together before bed on her personal laptop. I was not too worried because I thought the quarantine would be just a couple of weeks. Things were fine for a few weeks but eventually I had a few late nights working and I brought my work laptop to bed. My wife fired up our favorite videos and I didn't even realize we were watching on my work laptop.

The next day I get an email from out IT team about "unusual network activity". We talked it out and I didn't end up losing my job. But my self-confidence was severely tested when my boss learned I was watching porn. I don't want to suffer this disappointment again.

The Product Hunt thread that changed my life

I love to read the latest tech news and follow new launches on Product Hunt. Whether it's news from established big tech companies like Apple or completely new products TikTok (my favorite). I was reading Product Hunt when I came across a product recently that was touting the benefits of being anonymous online. The new company SatoshiVPN talked about how every day people at home during the COVID-19 pandemic (like me) are leaving behind a trail of data they might not like, and how people (particularly outside the US) can get around blockers stopping them from visiting their favorite sites. The success their customers are having made me jealous and I decided to give the product a try too!

I will not go so far as to say that I owe my life to this new VPN provider from Product Hunt, but if I had not seen this new service, I believe that I would be at risk for more embarrassing incidents like a few months ago.

"Data security cannot be had without secrecy..."

On the SatoshiVPN website, they explained that your security depends on your ability to keep certain personal information private. The mere act of giving up information in order to use something designed to secure your data is a contradiction. But a private SatoshiVPN server gives you access to your favorite websites at streaming speeds and at the same time requires no information from you to use it, exactly what I needed. Plus with an hour-long free server, I assumed I had nothing to lose by trying it out.

The following days I saw the same VPN service on other social networks such as Twitter and YouTube. They still praised SatoshiVPN, but also mentioned that using Bitcoin for payments helps protect your privacy in a way that credit cards do not. I really am not an expert in computers but I was sure that after years of watching adult videos I was looking for a way to clean up some of my credit card statements. Bitcoin payments can be made anonymously. Viola!

I then decided to try both SatoshiVPN by making my payment with Bitcoin, a safe and super effective strategy for ensuring my internet privacy!

After having carefully studied which Bitcoin services would be best for my VPN needs, I stopped on these two services:

1) Coinbase - recommended
2) Bitrawr - best advice for alternatives to Coinbase

After coming up with the idea of this two step system, I was so happy I was able to regain my privacy without breaking the bank. I wish you great success on your journey too!

~ Henry