Published on July 19, 2020 by SatoshiVPN in Crypto.

How to use Bitcoin to buy a VPN server

Protect your privacy by using Bitcoin to purchase a VPN server.

How to use Bitcoin to buy a VPN server

It’s always a good idea to use a quality VPN to protect your information from prying eyes and ensure privacy online. Things get even better when you use a secure and anonymous payment method, and this is where Bitcoin comes in. In this article, we will explore why you need to use Bitcoin and how you can use Bitcoin to a buy a VPN. Let’s dive in!

Why should you buy a VPN with Bitcoin?

Buying a VPN with Bitcoin gives you two primary advantages: privacy and accessibility.


Unlike traditional forms of payment where your personal information is needed for a financial transaction to take place, with Bitcoin, you do not have to share any personal information with the merchant or an intermediary third party. To make a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain, what's required is simply a wallet with funds available and a recipient wallet address. No personal information is required to transact with Bitcoin.


Accessibility is another great advantage that comes with Bitcoin. Even in the most developed societies such as the United States and other Western countries, getting access to a credit card is a barrier that blocks millions of people from buying everyday goods and services. Bitcoin can be purchased all around the world in a variety of ways, including with cash, making it one of the most accessible currencies in the world.

How to buy a VPN with Bitcoin

While not all VPN providers out there accept cryptocurrency, there are already several great VPNs that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment.

Here at SatoshiVPN we've designed our entire user experience around purchasing a VPN quickly with Bitcoin. Our hope is that after just a few minutes, you'll be well on your way to casual browsing, torrenting, or access to Netflix--all made possible by a VPN server to support you, and no personal information revealed.

In the following example, we will use SatoshiVPN to show you the simple steps you can follow to buy a VPN with Bitcoin today.

1) To use Bitcoin to buy a SatoshiVPN, first visit our website,

From the homepage, you have all the necessary information to help you understand what SatoshiVPN is all about. There are navigational tabs on the top right section of the homepage for easy access to whatever you want to know about SatoshiVPN. There is Home, Pricing, FAQ, Reviews, and Learn section.

2) Select your server location

Once you click to begin creating a sever, you will be taken to another page to select a location for your VPN server. Remember, with SatoshiVPN you are creating a VPN server rather than a VPN account. There are several VPN server locations available, and you can choose whichever you prefer.

In our case, we chose the New York datacenter location.

3) Select your VPN server lifespan

Once you choose your server's location, the next step is to select your VPN server lifespan. This is where you decide how long you want to use the VPN. You can opt for a day or even a whole year. The price varies with the number of days you choose to use the VPN.

We chose 30 days, and the estimated price came to $16.50, which was 0.00179939 BTC.

4) Send your Bitcoin payment

After you have selected your VPN server lifespan and know what you need to pay, click on "Continue to Payment." You will see server details, the server location, and server lifespan you have chosen, BTC amount, BTC address, and a QR-code.

If you are using a mobile Bitcoin wallet, you can simply scan the QR-code displayed in the payment window to process the payment automatically. Another option is to submit the transaction using the provided BTC address manually. What you need to do here is to copy the Bitcoin address into the recipient address of your wallet, and then select the amount of BTC shown in the payment module.

Finally, add your Access Key to Outline, and you are done! You can now browse freely and securely.

Final word

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer one of the best ways to stay anonymous while paying for your VPN. With Bitcoin, you are safeguarded from the non-private and inaccessible nature of credit cards. However, you also need to make sure your purchase is worth the coins.

An investment in SatoshiVPN is an investment in your own privacy--an investment we believe will pay for itself many times over. When you're ready to take the next step in your Bitcoin journey, we hope you'll choose SatoshiVPN to power your activity along the way.