Published on June 30, 2020 by SatoshiVPN in SatoshiVPN.

Free VPN server

Start running your own private and anonymous VPN server for free with SatoshiVPN.

Get a free VPN server from SatoshiVPN

Dear SatoshiVPN Community:

Over the last several weeks our small but enthusiastic group of early adopters made their feedback loud and clear: we need to provide a free, easy way to test SatoshiVPN. That way new customers could get a feel for the experience before spending their hard earned satoshis on a longer lasting server.

We're pleased to share that now we offer free 1 hour demo servers to everyone, no questions asked. We simply limit 1 demo server per visitor per day so that we can ensure we offer a reliable service.

How to get a free 1 hour demo server

1) Select your server region.

2) On the server lifespan page, click "Create demo server" to create your free private VPN server.

Give it a try yourself:

Still not sure what you might use a SatoshiVPN server for?

SatoshiVPN servers are helpful for securing your data as it is transfered over the internet, accessing restricted content on your network, and more broadly ensuring you have the freedom to browse freely and privately on the open internet. Here's some of the most popular use cases so far:

  • Streaming videos from places where your favorite shows are not currently available, e.g. military bases, schools, hospitals, etc
  • Protecting sensitive data while browsing via public networks like coffee shops
  • Browsing anonymously, free of the filter bubble and pervasive online tracking

And more to come! Be sure to leave a review with what you come up with once you connect to your server.

Happy browsing,