"The day comes when you walk somebody into freedom, and you are bonded for life."

Peter Neufeld
Co-Founder, The Innocence Project

Growing up in the United States, I never thought much of censorship and surveillance outside of reading 1984 during high school. It wasn't until a watershed trip to China, and then hearing from Yves Daccord, former Director-General of the International Red Cross, that I began to realize the freedom I had enjoyed was not available to most people around the world.

Instagram is one trivial example. You may be able to access Instagram freely. But in China? Blocked. The visceral feeling of attempting to access information you know should be free, but being denied for no fault of your own, is completely suffocating. That feeling is especially true for people who are living in war-torn or disaster-stricken areas.

When I learned that WiFi is often the number one request—even before water—to the International Red Cross from suffering communities, I knew that unrestricted internet access is perhaps the most valuable gift you can give anyone. While SatsohiVPN does not yet provide that initial connection, it will certainly take you much further, and more safely, once you're online.

I hope you enjoy SatoshiVPN as much as I do.

— Founder, SatoshiVPN